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20450BS - Pop-up power socket with bluetooth, silver
Accessories · Distributors · Built-In Extensions

Motorized hidden pop up power sockets for office and home use, with metal housing, 2 x child protection sockets, double USB charging units, speakers and bluetooth connection. Listen to music, for example in your kitchen or office using this built-in power socket to your desk. Pair it with your mobile device (android, iOS support) or connect it with an AUX 3.5 mm cable.

Your table and furniture should always look elegant and organized, yet functional. . A hidden distributor can be an excellent solution, for example, if you have a ready-made kitchen, but there is not enough power outlet at the desired location. The hidden distributor is a great alternative so you don't need to break the wall or do any electric network job. With a simple move you will have free sockets. It is ideal for electrical devices that are not constantly used, such as toaster, kettle etc. When not in use, the distributor can be hidden in one move, making it easier to clean, and provide a slick look to the room. It fits into most surface and design, vertical mounting option providing a moderately waterproof interface.

  • Only for indoor use
  • Touch-button control with RGB LED feedback on operating status
  • Bluetooth, AUX connection options
  • Android, iOS compatibility
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic stop if obstacle detected

Operating voltage: 230V AC (50 Hz)
Max. current: 16 A
Max. power load: 3500 W
USB Max. charging current: 2,1 A
Csatlakozási lehetőségek: Bluetooth, AUX 3,5 mm jack
Frequency range: ~30 Hz - 16 kHz
Color: Silver
Installation diamater: 89 mm
Length when hidden: 515 mm + 60 mm plug
Length when open: 780 mm + 60 mm plug
Cable length: 2 m
Cable type: 3 x 1.5 mm² C19 standard grounded power connectors

AC power cable
1,8 m
iPhone "lightning" cable
4 colors - fabric coating - 1m
Data cable - micro-USB - fabric coating - 4 colors -
2 m
iPhone 5/6 cable
4 colors - plastic coating - 1m
Data cable - microUSB
plastic coating - 6 colors
1 m
Mountable power cable
1,5 m


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